Brown wooden modern building on countryside viewed from its left angle.

Security and hospitality at its best in the mountains.

Organization: Penzion Jurášek, s.r.o.
Location: Czech Republic
Customer need: Personal safety, Public safety, Property and asset protection, Remote monitoring
Czech Republic, 

Jurášek countryside resort has chosen a reliable surveillance system offering a gradual expansion option.


The owner of the refurbished luxurious 4-star countryside resort intended to increase customer comfort and ensure safety of clients, employees and the premises. The owner also wanted to expand the facility as well as the scope of the provided services in order to increase customer satisfaction. Management was also searching for a reliable monitoring system which was easy to operate but provided sufficient flexibility and allowed quantitative, as well as qualitative, development.


AutoCont CZ a.s. offered a solution with complete network infrastructure focusing on quality based on Axis products. There are 24 cameras installed in the building controlled by AXIS Camera Station video management software. These cameras monitor the interior of the resort as well as outdoor areas including the adjacent parking lot. The front desk manager uses two screens. One shows video from all cameras, which allows the desk manager to quickly react to developing situations.

Thanks to the camera at the entrance, the receptionist may easily identify persons entering the building. The camera system is a key source of information for the security agency. The resort owner may access cameras from a mobile phone. This provides the option of seeing what is happening in the resort at any time and immediate response to reported events such as illegal entry, etc.


The camera system increases the safety feeling of customers staying in the Jurášek resort, located high in the mountains in an attractive state-protected natural environment. Axis cameras provide a high-quality picture even in poor lighting conditions, which is usual in the Beskydy mountains, and they also resist harsh weather conditions. The reliability of the Axis brand together with the experience of the supplier AutoCont CZ a.s., guarantee lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The system is ready for the planned expansion of the resort and also for possible extension of functionalities (various analytics).

You can tell the quality of a camera if the picture is clear during rain or snowfall when operating under severe mountain weather conditions.
Michal Laštovica, sales manager AutoCont CZ a.s..
Empty hotel reception with grey stone desk and wooden surroundings.

Reliability and low total cost of ownership

A camera monitoring system is an absolute necessity for a countryside resort, but still many similar facilities tend to use unprofessional or improvised solutions including installation of the cheapest cameras possible connected to a computer at the front desk. The owner of the Jurášek resort was searching for a real solution that could guarantee proper functionality and minimize operational costs. The actual cost for repairs or system modifications may easily exceed the total purchase cost of the system, in particular when the guesthouse is situated in a distant location.

Even the quality of the installed cameras is very important, particularly outdoor cameras. Michal Laštovica, sales manager AutoCont CZ a.s. says: “You can tell the quality of a camera if the picture is clear during rain or snowfall when operating under severe mountain weather conditions.”

The management of the Jurášek resort therefore rejected the temptation to use cheap cameras. “There may be a situation for example when a low-quality recording cannot be used. In such scenario, the investment into the camera system would be pointless.”

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Unobtrusive design

In addition to reliability and picture quality, the owner also requires suitable design. This may be seen around the entire resort. The cameras simply cannot disturb the overall customer experience. Therefore, small cameras are used inside the facility that fit well with the interior design. Visually exposed outdoor cameras are painted with special coating to imitate stone tiles.

The Jurášek resort used four Axis camera models, some with several modifications. AXIS M3045 Network Cameras are used in interiors to monitor the kitchen, reception desk, hallways and other public places. The outdoor areas are monitored by AXIS M1125 (the rear and side areas as well as the parking lot and entry premises), AXIS P3215 (monitors the front of the entrance) and AXIS P5415 Network Cameras (surveillance camera covering an angle of 270 degrees monitors the parking lot). AXIS Camera Station video management software is used by the operator.

Hotel pool with two wooden walls and glass roof.

Expansion options

The intention of the owner is further development of the resort: planning construction of new building with apartments equipped with a camera monitoring system. Advanced features and analytics of the Axis system, for example, monitoring the entrance to the premises, may be utilized. A camera monitoring system integrated with traffic lights would automatically prevent two cars from meeting on the steep one-way road. A license plate recognition system connected to the resort information system could automatically control the gate barrier at the entrance. These options are possible thanks to the high-quality foundation based on open standards with Axis products.

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