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Train at crowded platform
Public transport

Safer travel with Axis network cameras

25% reduction in crime at subway stations in the city center.

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Power plant reactors
Critical infrastructure

Slovenské elektrárne, a.s.

Axis cameras help secure the facility and supervise its production.
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GIT building exterior
Banking and finance


IP cameras and license plate recognition enhance customer satisfaction with data center.
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Cealing cam in data center

Bechtle AG

German IT system house implements remote monitoring at its data center with the assistance of network cameras.
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Pole cameras from above overlooking Chapman Bay surroundings

Chapman’s Bay

Axis thermal cameras safeguards luxury residential estate.
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Stacked books with bookshelves in background

Swinburne University of Technology

People counting solution from Axis helps top university deliver transparency as a service so students can be more productive.
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Isle with bookshelves along both sides

Marshall County Public Library

Easy-to-use people counting system from Axis provides real-time measurements of people flow and meeting room usage.
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Hyatt Atlanta Regency Exterior Entrance
Hotels & restaurants

Hyatt Hotels

Hyatt Hotels revamps its security measures using IP cameras and accessories.
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Sheraton hotel building with blue sky
Hotels & restaurants

Daewoo Construction, Sheraton Incheon

Daewoo Construction turns Sheraton Incheon into first-class hotel with Axis network video solution.
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Hockey rink with hockey players
Stadiums & venues

Ontario Hockey League

Ontario Hockey League relies on Axis broadcast-quality network cameras to help officials rule on goals and penalties.
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