From analog to IP

Are you looking for excellent image quality, intelligence and the freedom to scale as your needs grow? Do you need to integrate video surveillance, access control and audio in one reliable, easy to use solution? Network devices from Axis open up endless possibilities that analog devices simply can’t provide.

Top three reasons to choose a network solution

Intelligence and Integration: Network devices bring a myriad of intelligent security features to video surveillance, access control and audio, while allowing you to integrate all three into superior and tailored solutions.  

Lower total cost of ownership: Network devices and components might be more expensive, but you are likely to use fewer of them than with an analog system. Lower installation, maintenance and operations costs often tip the scales in favor of network devices. 

Scalable and future proof: A network system is easier to extend than an analog system. Cabling demands are far less complex, and because Axis products are based on open standards, you’re not locked in to proprietary technology.  

Make the move at your own pace

If you already have an analog system, Axis can help you to bring that system up to speed with the latest network technology while protecting the value of your investment. Start with what you need and easily grow your solution in step with your business and your requirements. 

A bridge to network audio

To update an existing system can be an effective and environmentally friendly way to access the latest capabilities. Learn how to get benefits of network audio without having to rip and replace your current system.

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