Ensure supply chain protection

Safeguard your Axis device with Axis Edge Vault. It ensures the device hasn’t been compromised in the physical supply chain. This means you can be sure the Axis device you received hasn’t been tampered with. And the device will always validate software upon boot or before installing upgraded software.

Verify the device’s identity and securely onboard it

Save time and money by automatically and securely onboarding your Axis device onto your IP network. Axis Edge Vault lets you identify your device, onboard it, and perform initial device configuration, and software update.

Prove the authenticity of video evidence

Ensure the video recorded by your surveillance cameras is authentic and can be trusted. Because any doubt, however small, can be used to undermine the relevance of the video evidence. Thanks to signed video, Axis Edge Vault helps ensure your video is reliable and admissible in a court of law.

Ensure secure key storage is FIPS and Common Criteria compliant

Safeguard cryptographic keys used to encrypt data in a secure, tamper-protected environment. Even in the event of a security breach, this information is protected from unauthorized access and malicious extraction. The secure key store in Axis devices holds certifications such as Common Criteria and/or FIPS, ensuring that the cryptographic operations are compliant with global standards. 

Protect access-control communication

Axis Edge Vault also protects cryptographical keys used in access control solutions ensuring all communication between door controllers and peripheral devices is protected. This is crucial for card readers as they are often installed in areas easily accessible by the public, such as the unsecured side of the door.


Features to help secure your Axis device throughout its lifecycle

Axis Edge Vault includes various features to support these use cases and ensure your device is protected from the inside out. For instance, signed OS guarantees the device software on your device is from Axis and that only software updates that are signed can be installed. And secure boot ensures the device runs only signed OS. The Axis device ID enables secure device identification and onboarding on a network. This device ID and other keys are stored in the device's secure key store - even while they are used to decrypt data. And signed video makes it possible to verify if video recordings have been tampered with or not. 

To know which Axis Edge Vault features are included in your device, see the devices' datasheet for specific details.

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