AXIS Q17 Bullet Camera Series

AXIS Q1798-LE IP Camera has Zipstream and Lightfinder. The product is viewed from its left angle.
Outstanding bullet cameras
  • Ultra-high quality for detailed surveillance
  • Models with up to 32x optical zoom
  • Lightfinder 2.0, Forensic WDR, OptimizedIR
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Wide operating temperature range

Reliable video wherever you need it

AXIS Q17 Series consists of robust, high-resolution network cameras designed to meet the increasing demands for professional surveillance – day and night. Ideal for securing areas such as streets and intersections, casinos, airports, and railway stations, they offer high-quality identification and reliability. The series also includes a dedicated license plate camera. Ideal for road and urban security, tracking cars, and more, this camera is designed to capture sharp images 24/7. AXIS Q17 Series also includes a compact lightweight block camera that's easy to install in accessory housings and casings for outdoor installation.

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Outstanding image quality

Including models ranging up to 4K resolution, these top-of-the-line cameras offer outstanding image quality with up to 32x optical zoom and autofocus. They feature Forensic WDR and Lightfinder 2.0 to guarantee images with saturated colors and sharp details of moving objects even in challenging light or near darkness. And there's no need for extra lighting thanks to built-in OptimizedIR for unobtrusive surveillance in total darkness. With electronic image stabilization these tough cameras ensure stable video despite vibration. Furthermore, with scene profiles and auto-rotate functionality, they deliver optimal coverage and always-great image quality.

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AXIS Q1700-LE License Plate Camera has a robust design for rough weather. AXIS Q1700-LE  AXIS Q1715 Block Camera angled on its left AXIS Q1715 AXIS Q1785-LE IP Camera has OptimizedIR. The product is viewed from its left angle. AXIS Q1785-LE AXIS Q1786-LE IP Camera has OptimizedIR. The product is viewed from its left angle. AXIS Q1786-LE AXIS Q1798-LE IP Camera has Zipstream and Lightfinder. The product is viewed from its left angle. AXIS Q1798-LE
Max video resolution 1920x1080 1920x1080 1920x1080 2560x1440 3712x2784
Image sensor size 1/2.8 1/2.8 1/2.8 1/1.8 4/3
Optical zoom 8 21 32 32 4
Horizontal field of view 16 - 2.3 76-3.6 60 - 2.3 60 - 2.3 90 - 21
Alarm inputs/outputs 2 4 2 2 2
Lightfinder Lightfinder 2.0 Lightfinder Lightfinder Lightfinder 2.0
Wide dynamic range Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR Forensic WDR
Electronic image stabilization
Analytics compute capability DLPU MLPU


  • Datasheet

    • AXIS Q1700-LE License Plate Camera
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    • AXIS Q1715 Block Camera
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    • AXIS Q1785-LE Network Camera
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    • AXIS Q1786-LE Network Camera
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    • AXIS Q1798-LE Network Camera
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  • Manuals

    • AXIS Q17 - Repainting instructions
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    • AXIS Q17 Series - Installation Guide
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    • AXIS Q1700-LE - Installation Guide
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    • AXIS Q1715 Block Camera - Installation Guide
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    • AXIS Q1798-LE - Installation Guide
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    • AXIS Q1798-LE - Repainting instructions
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  • Product comparison tables

    • Product Comparison Tables - Q1 2023
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    • Product Comparison Tables - Q2 2022
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    • Product Comparison Tables - Q3 2022
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    • Product Comparison Tables - Q4 2022
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  • White papers

    • License plate capture
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    • Sensor size and image quality in 4K cameras
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