Empower with AXIS Camera Station specialization

As an AXIS Camera Station specialist, you’ll learn how to expand the offering beyond surveillance and build integrated solutions including audio, visitor management, analytics and more. You’ll get deeper knowledge about our range of products, as well as gain understanding of how to use supporting tools, to effectively design, install and maintain the solution.

What we offer

Distinct benefits

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Accelerated sales

Get a dedicated account manager to support you and share sales and business opportunities.
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Targeted marketing opportunities

Marketing materials, support tools, and visibility in Axis channels to achieve more effective promotion.
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Added support

Receive licenses and demo products, as well as assistance and project support.
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First-rate knowledge

Gain expert, cutting edge knowledge of how to build solutions using AXIS Camera Station.

Who's a good fit


You are an Axis channel partner

You are an active member of the Axis Channel Partner Program.

You meet the sales requirements

You meet the set sales targets based on successful installations using AXIS Camera Station as the core of the solution.

You have the competence needed

You have advanced knowledge of and keep continuously up to date with the AXIS Camera Station offering.

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