Smarter, safer world

A smarter, safer world

Smarter, safer world – the true stories

Axis products and solutions have enabled a smarter and safer world for a long time and there are many examples of it. The product technologies and outstanding quality have made it possible to find new smarter ways to keep our loved ones, societies and property safe. With the help from Axis products, it is possible to prevent hazards no matter if they are caused by nature or by man.

Even though securing and safeguarding people and assets often are the main reason for installing Axis products, the additional use are unlimited. Axis products opens up for smart solutions, which brings added value to people, businesses or societies. 

Rajalla På Gränsen shopping centre


More effective marketing, tailored campaigns and optimized staff levels are among benefits gained by Rajalla På Gränsen shopping centre and retailers

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City of Vicente López


The city of Vicente López has installed over 800 high technology cameras in government buildings, along public roads, in mass transit – as well as in patrol cars

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Region Nordjylland


Faster and more effective healthcare using IP cameras and wireless communication in Danish ambulances

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Araani BVBA


SmokeCatcher succeeds where traditional smoke detectors fall short

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Madrid Bus Station South


Axis cameras with facial recognition software collect evidence on the 20 million people who use the station annually.

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Traffic video surveillance in Ukraine.

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