Teaching independence for parents and students alike with Axis network cameras

Dancing Moose Montessori School advances education with network video

“The Axis-Milestone solution has become a huge selling point for our school. Parents love the ability to drop off their children, who may be crying and suffering from separation anxiety, and check in after five minutes to see that their child is happy and engaged in the classroom. It’s really powerful.” Jennifer Duffield, Executive Director, the Dancing Moose Montessori School.


Dancing Moose Montessori School opened its doors with a promise to parents and students to provide unmatched learning experience with programs that are unique, learning environments that are professional and safe, and processes that are transparent. Safety was a key consideration, but to stay true to its promise of transparency, the school needed a security system that was robust and effective while also allowing parents to remotely monitor their children without interrupting class.


Utah-based systems integrator and Axis partner Stone Security recommended a solution involving 40 Axis network cameras, Milestone XProtect® Express IP video management software (VMS), and a pair of 42-inch monitors to create a monitoring system that allows parents and school administrators to observe students and teachers without interfering in classroom activities. The monitors are in the lobby, and the cameras are set up throughout the school.


With the simple click of a mouse, parents have live access to their child’s classroom without the distraction that their presence in the room would create. They can quickly and easily observe how their child learns andinteracts with classmates and teachers. For administrators, the ability to monitor classrooms remotely means that teacher evaluations are no longer a distraction to students or the teacher. The integration of the video system with access control provides efficient management of safety matters in the school.

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