AXIS T99A Positioning Unit Series

AXIS T99A11 Positioning Unit 24 V AC/DC
Ultra-smooth and high accuracy absolute positioning

Fast, slow, smooth

AXIS T99A Positioning Unit Series delivers the most comprehensive field-of-view possible:  when column-mounted they provide a panoramic view of 360° and a ground-to-sky view of 135°. The positioning units are easy to mount in a variety of ways, thanks to optional mounts for wall and pole installations.

The units offer both very fast and very slow, jerk-free pan and tilt movements – putting operators on the spot in an instant or providing smooth panoramic viewing. And they’re specially designed to be reliable, robust and weatherproof.

The positioning units include both RJ45 and SFP interfaces, enabling a long-distance fiber-optic connection with a failover network link. 

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