AXIS Store Data Manager

For integration with third-party applications

  • Store and manage data locally
  • Monitor system health
  • Integrate with third-party applications
  • Supports a wide range of web browsers
  • Group, filter and drill-down data

AXIS Store Data Manager provides an easy and cost-effective way to monitor system-health on all your camera connections. Ideal for use in multi-site and multi-camera installations, it lets you manage your data all in one place. Furthermore, this flexible tool allows viewing and management from a range of web browsers.

Local data management

AXIS Store Data Manager provides a local point where you can gather, store and manage statistical data from cameras running supported Axis applications. And, because it only stores numerical data and never images or video, you can be confident that the personal integrity of your visitors never is compromised. Locally installed on a server, it’s ideal for those who want to integrate the data with other reporting tools. This smart tool also doubles as a system-health monitoring solution by monitoring camera connections and sending an email alert if there are any data retrieval issues.

Dynamic tool

 AXIS Store Data Manager gathers data from supported AXIS applications. It allows you to dynamically group, filter and drill down data, and then export it to a third-party business intelligence application of your choice for viewing. For instance, if combined with AXIS Store Reporter you can access real-time reports combining data from multiple locations and applications. Furthermore, this flexible tool uses an open source web server software, allowing you to use a wide range of web browsers for viewing and management.

AXIS Store Data Manager supports the following applications:

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