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Key features

  • Trigger audio clips automatically
  • Ensure accurate, timely responses
  • Convenient visitor access
  • Take actions via Axis speakers
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Improved efficiency

Responding to real-time events typically requires operators to perform actions manually on individual cameras. Such work is prone to human error and takes time — which is precious when dealing with real-time incidents. If an operator doesn’t respond quickly and accurately to a potential threat, the incident can escalate, and the quality of captured video can be poor. Traditionally, an operator needs to access multiple devices and VMS settings to manage events.

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Smart ways to respond to events

Suitable for a variety of applications, Axis offers a broad portfolio of network intercoms, speakers, microphones, strobe sirens, and other devices that enable operators to respond to incidents. The following scenarios outline how the suite integrates hardware and software to optimize operator responses.

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Convenient visitor access

Available for free, the suite makes it possible to configure and use Axis network intercoms together with Milestone XProtect for easy visitor access. With clear communication and high-quality video surveillance, our intercoms help streamline the management of visitor access and ensure you always know what’s happening outside your door. When a visitor presses the intercom’s call button at the door, a window opens in the Smart Client showing the scene. Operators can respond to a call and entry request, open locked doors, and more — all from the Smart Client.


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Use speakers to act with audio

Change copy to: The AXIS Audio Manager Edge integration lets you setup and manage Axis speakers, respond to live events as well as gain professional audio capabilities. You can not only setup all speakers and site zones, manage audio clips and perform push-to-talk and edge announcements. It also lets you mix live or pre-recorded announcements with ads and background music as well as schedule to broadcast normal weekly audio content or pre-recorded messages. Plus, Speaker manager lets you broadcast pre-recorded and/or live voice messages to respond to events using Axis cameras and devices with built-in speakers


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Listen in via microphone audio streams

Natively, Milestone XProtect doesn’t allow you to listen to audio streams without video. This makes surveillance exceptionally challenging in areas where you can’t install cameras, like restrooms and hospitals. Now you can hear where you can’t see as the audio visualizer capability allows operators to visually monitor audio from Axis devices. Both live and playback views are available — directly in Milestone XProtect.


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