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Key features

  • Dewarp live and recorded video
  • Quad, normal, normal with overview, panorama views
  • Horizon straightening
  • Digital PTZ in dewarped view
  • Multi-view streaming with dewarped views
Dewarped video with Axis camera.

Straighten horizons in 180° panoramic views

It’s also possible to use dewarping views for multisensor panoramic cameras. Thanks to horizon straightening functionality, you can adjust the horizon of 180° panorama views to ensure visually balanced images. There’s even PTZ control, allowing operators to zoom in and move around in the image as if it were a PTZ camera. And you can save PTZ states between view changes and include them in the exported video.

Dewarped video.

Smooth distortion-free video

Dewarping quickly and efficiently flattens out and corrects the perspective of geometric distorted images captured on a wide-angle or fisheye lens. It allows you to create a dewarping view and export the video. Out-of-the-box, Axis 360° cameras off er multiple view modes. In addition to the 360° overview, there’s several dewarped views: 180° panoramic views, quad views, and view areas with PTZ functionality. Before using dewarped views, the camera orientation should be configured. Available view modes differ depending on whether the camera is mounted on a wall, in the ceiling, or on a desk.

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Set dewarped view for exported video

It’s possible to save a home position to display a desired frame and view when exported video is opened. When the recipient opens the video file, it will automatically go to the latest dewarping location as defined by the operator. And you can create multiple dewarping locations making it even easier to overview. This smart plugin offers intuitive features such as live view, timeline visualization of recorded events, and snapshots. Furthermore, you can configure permissions and control who can edit the dewarped views.

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