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Key features

  • 100% edge: no analytic servers
  • One, centralized search of all data
  • Metadata search for object classes and attributes 
  • Easily set parameters and define criteria
  • Export evidence as PDFs or bookmarks


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Making forensic search more accessible and available

Designed to accelerate forensic investigations, the range of offerings provides an efficient way to search for, recover, and share video evidence. You can continually change the search criteria using various metadata terms, search criteria, and attributes. This integration of the forensic search plugin suits a wide range of investigations spanning everything from basic location and time scenarios to those with more details involving known objects, people, and incidents.

screenshot of Milestone XProtect Smart Client, Search for objects, people, or incidents

Search for objects, people, or incidents

Motion object tracking, object classification metadata, and object attributes are used. Motion object tracking identifies the movement of objects or people in a scene. Object classification is based on AXIS Object Analytics and enables search for object classes such as a specific type of vehicle (car, truck, bike, etc.). Metadata attributes describe the shape and color of an object. This makes it possible to, for example, efficiently pinpoint a specific vehicle based on its color. 

You can:

  • Search metadata describing object motion and tracking using all Axis cameras with firmware 9.50 or later
  • Search object classification and object attribute metadata on all Axis cameras with firmware 10.6 or later running AXIS Object Analytics 
screenshot, search for vehicles

Search for vehicles

This enables efficient generation of video evidence about vehicles. The metadata is based on Axis cameras with embedded analytics for automatic license plate (LPR) and Make, Model, Color (MMC) recognition. This allows users to search from a broad range of vehicle-specific parameters, such as:

  • License plate country and characters
  • Vehicle brand, model, color, direction of travel
  • Date, time, and place

Additionally, it’s possible to search for vehicles traveling at specific speeds within specific zones. Ideal for ensuring safety in off-road applications, zone speed search works together with the AXIS Speed Monitor application to visualize the speed of vehicles in a radar detection zone in the camera's live view. It’s then possible to set up specific filters to narrow the forensic search, and export and share video evidence during investigations. 

cargo containers in yellow and white color, seen from above

Search for freight containers

This offers an efficient way to find video evidence about freight containers. Based on metadata derived from analytics, this enables searches from a broad range of freight container-specific parameters, such as:

  • Container code
  • Property code
  • Container dimensions
  • Date, time, and place

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