High-definition, intelligent “Sky Net” enhances city’s quality of life

Axis helps to build HDTV video surveillance system in Guilin, Guangxi, China


According to Guilin Police Bureau’s “Social Management Video Surveillance System Construction Program 2012”, Guilin municipality planned to complete a network that comprised 23,000 video surveillance points in 2012, and at the same time, build supporting infrastructures that consist of a video transmission network and a surveillance system platform, achieving interoperability, intermodulation and mutual control. The camera network is to be expanded from over 8,000 existing cameras to up to 30,000 cameras within a year, creating an extremely huge “Sky Net”. Each camera will have a range radius of 300 to 400 m, with a 360-degree ring-shaped rotation, and be capable of 24-hour realtime surveillance. Resources can be activated to track targets from all directions when incidents occur.


Axis’ innovative technology is fully employed in the “Sky Net” upgrading and reconstruction project. AXIS Q1602 Network Camera uses advanced Lightfinder technology that allows for realistic colors under low light conditions. ...The camera is able to effectively differentiate pedestrian body shapes, and the style and color of clothing, without the need for extra lighting. This provides police with effective video clues for criminal investigation as and when criminal cases occur.


Axis’ innovative technology in IP cameras brings many tangible benefits to the “Sky Net” program. ...The implementation of the “Sky Net” project has played an important role in the social security of Guilin. The police have relied on it to successfully solve more than 1,500 various cases. The “Sky Net” has played a significant role in crime prevention and control, and in city security management.

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