Solutions by technology

Our cutting-edge technologies protect people and businesses under all kinds of circumstances. From extreme weather to challenging light conditions, you can always depend on Axis for innovative surveillance solutions that meet your needs.
Cars on a highway


Save bandwidth and space without sacrificing valuable information.
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Man walking in a garage

Wide Dynamic Range - WDR

For maximum forensic value and usability in scenes with both very bright and very dark areas.
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Man with ipad in a shop

From analog to IP

Make the move at your own pace and benefit from the endless possibilities of a network solution.
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Top banner for Axis electronic image stabilization

Electronic image stabilization

Minimize the impact of vibration and shaking.
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Pink, purple and orange skyes over a city


Capture color images in low-light conditions.
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Man walking by an airplane


For advanced and powerful camera-integrated IR solutions.
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Cars on a freeway, driving so fast that the lights turn into streams


Keep false alarms to a minimum with detection, classification and tracking 24/7.
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Two dark figures in a dark place

Thermal imaging

Detect and verify in challenging conditions, without compromising privacy.
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illustrated padlocks in light color on a dark bakground

Built-in cybersecurity features

Prevent unauthorized access and safeguard your system.
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