AXIS T864 PoE+ over Coax Series

Upgrade to IP but keep the Coax

  • Migrate to network video at your own pace
  • Reuse Coax cables
  • Make it simple and cost-effective – and avoid downtime
  • Integrate cost-saving Power over Ethernet (PoE) over Coax

Is it time to replace some or all of your analogue video cameras? And are you already using Axis video encoders? AXIS T864 PoE+ over Coax Series gives you four easy, cost-effective ways to take the next – logical – step on your path to a superior network video solution. If for instance long distances are a limiting factor, AXIS T8640 or AXIS T8646 enables you to add local power to the device unit minimizing the power loss and extending the range. Or if you need your installation to be compact and discreet, AXIS T8645 or AXIS T8648 can neatly be tucked away in a housing or back box of your choice. So there's always PoE+ over Coax solution for you. 

Let your Coax cables do double-duty

AXIS T864 PoE+ over Coax Series lets you reuse hard-to-replace Coax cabling when you replace your analog cameras with Axis network cameras. That means that you can make the switch to IP at your own pace – a single camera or many cameras at a time. You’ll avoid potentially critical downtime. And you can even integrate Power over Ethernet over Coax for efficient power management. 

Reap the benefits of network video

The advantages of Axis network video over analog are many: for example, Axis IP cameras provide superior image quality and they do it while minimizing bandwidth and storage needs to help you save energy. You can also integrate video surveillance with video analytics to help you make smart decisions about operations and resource allocation – to turn your IP cameras into business tools.

Whatever your current solution, you can do this …

Axis Ethernet over Coax adapters

Use one adapter to connect your network camera to the Coax cable, and the second adapter to connect it to the network.

Axis PoE+ over Coax blades

Axis PoE+ over Coax blades fit any Axis video encoder chassis. You can use any combination of encoder blades and PoE+ over Coax blades, so you can carry out multi-channel migration to network video cameras at your own pace.