AXIS T6101 Audio and I/O Interface

Seamlessly add audio and/or I/O ports to your Axis cameras

  • Two-way audio and configurable I/O ports
  • One stream for audio and video
  • Connectivity without additional IP address thanks to portcast technology
  • Power over Ethernet
  • Designed to fit into AXIS T94S01P Conduit Back Box

AXIS T6101 Audio and I/O Interface lets you add audio and I/O connectivity to Axis cameras without built-in support. And all thanks to portcast, a unique feature that enables audio and I/O functionality to be merged with the camera delivering audio and video in one stream.

Wider performance. Better decisions.

Adding two-way audio and I/O functionality to Axis network cameras gives you more value and better support for decision-making and enables you to listen in to transactions or incidents or communicate warnings to intruders.

AXIS T6101 comes with two configurable input/output ports. Use inputs to connect with sensors that can trigger an alarm if a door is opened or a pane of glass is broken. Or connect outputs to control devices or relays to open or close doors, turn lights off and on, and so on. And the inputs can be supervised, so an alarm can even be sent if the connections to sensors are cut.

If you don’t need it, don’t pay for it

Most surveillance installations only really need connectivity in a few cameras. So why not choose cost-effective Axis cameras without built-in connectivity, and then add connectivity only where you need it with AXIS T6101 Audio and I/O Interface? It’s a plug-and-play installation with seamless integration into your video management software without adding IP addresses or VMS licenses. And receiving the video and audio in one stream, just like if the audio was built in, makes monitoring and recording efficient

Where you want it.
The way you want it.

AXIS T6101 Audio and I/O Interface lets you capture audio and connect external devices wherever you want, closer to the point of interest. And you can choose to mount it on its own, or tuck it neatly into AXIS T94S01P Conduit Back Box. Either way, it’s compact, flexible and discreet.

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