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Axis provides a 5-year limited hardware warranty (the “warranty”) applicable to the majority of Axis hardware portfolio*.

The warranty includes defects in design, workmanship and material under normal use during the Warranty period. Axis will, under the warranty, either repair or provide replacement of defective hardware products**.

Please note that purchases shipped from Axis to the original purchaser after product discontinuation date might come with a limitation in the hardware warranty. Please update yourself on the warranty coverage when buying products after final order date by consulting Axis 5-year limited hardware policy.

Warranty of hardware

Axis will continue to offer support and RMA service for discontinued products until 6 years*** after the discontinuation date. After this time the product is referred to as "End of support", and Axis will only offer online self-help resources and no longer provide support through helpdesk, chat or phone. As long as the product is within the Warranty period, the RMA service covering hardware, is at no cost**.

If the warranty period has expired or if the RMA service request is not covered by the warranty, then Axis will use its best efforts to support and provide RMA service upon payment of a fee decided by Axis. The primary alternative for Axis RMA service will be to provide service of the discontinued product. However, as an alternative and at Axis sole discretion, the discontinued product may be replaced by the recommended replacement product, as stated on the product page on Axis will not provide any additional development work of the discontinued product.

Maintenance of device software

The device software of the hardware, sometimes referred to as AXIS OS, determines its functionality. Axis may, at its sole discretion, give basic support during the applicable warranty period for the hardware. During the warranty period Axis may release maintenance releases or bug fixes to the hardware.

When the Warranty period has elapsed, Axis will no longer develop, maintain, or test the device software in question. However, Axis may, at its sole option and on a per-product-basis, offer support after the expiry of the warranty period. All Axis device software, including but not limited to device software delivered pre-installed on Axis hardware and where hardware is subject to RMA service, is delivered “as is”.

Axis device software is not covered by Axis warranty.

Maintenance of software

Axis offers IP surveillance software and management software, as a complement to Axis network cameras, video encoders, access control products and other devices. Axis supports the Axis software up until 3 years after issued discontinuation date, in accordance with applicable EULA. During this period Axis may release replacement, maintenance releases or bug fixes to the software product.

When this period has elapsed, Axis may no longer develop, maintain, or test the software in question. All Axis software, including but not limited to software delivered pre-installed on Axis hardware and where hardware is subject to RMA service, is delivered “as is”.

Axis software is not covered by Axis warranty.


Further, Axis will, in general:

  • Use its best efforts to the extent possible, to provide bug fixes, maintenance releases, workarounds or patches for major technical errors and/or critical bugs reported via Axis helpdesk. Bear in mind that it may be necessary to upgrade the device software to correct a reported problem.
  • Not add support for any new devices or software functionality upgrades that require development work in Axis discontinued software.
  • Not add support for new versions of computer operating systems.
  • Not add any new functionality or improve any functions or develop additional features for the discontinued products.

Definitions of some of the terms used in this notice

Discontinued products and/or software: Axis products and/or software which have been discontinued according to a product discontinuation statement.

End of support: The last date after the discontinuation date that Axis provides support and RMA services for discontinued products. After this date, please see the product documentation and support pages for self-help resources.

Hardware: The physical product and its physical components.

Device software: The operating system of an Axis embedded product.

Software: A program running on a computer.

Product discontinuation statement: A statement stating the discontinuation date. The statement can be found on Axis partner pages.

Warranty: Axis limited hardware warranty to the original purchaser.


* Please refer to the respective product’s technical documentation for warranty details. This means that eligible Axis hardware shipped out to the original purchaser after the 1st April 2020 will be entitled to the new 5-year warranty offering.

** This includes the cost of the repair or replacement of defective products only.
This means that shipment, customs/VAT and other export/import related costs are excluded (local terms and condition apply as per the commercial agreements with original purchaser and for export countries).

*** Axis hardware shipped out to the original purchaser before the 1st April 2020 have 5-year support.