No more bandwidth. No more overhead. No problem!

Purolator, a major shipping company, developed the optimal Axis surveillance solution for their retail locations to improve operations while minimizing costs

“We needed a system that was flexible, scalable and integrated well into our current security infrastructure, without sacrificing quality. By having a great partnership with Axis, technical support comes onsite, helps us select the right products as well as makes sure everything is working properly and optimized for our business.” Jason Ball, Manager of Security Technology Solutions, Purolator.


A leading courier and freight corporation in Canada, Purolator sought to upgrade their outmoded analog video surveillance systems to sophisticated IP solutions in all retail outlets. The goal was to support and monitor quality control, validate retail transactions and aid investigations of customer inquiries and criminal activities. Some of the stores have limited resources and are located in remote areas. The team was concerned about rolling out network technology that would not only challenge bandwidth constraints, but would require significant funds for software licenses.


Working closely with support services from Axis, Purolator designed the optimal custom solution for retail locations. The new system combines Axis IP cameras with free AXIS Companion video management software and 2TB or 4TB AXIS Companion Recorders for easy retrieval, local storage and remote monitoring of the superior-quality video footage.


Purolator upgraded most retail locations to an intelligent surveillance solution without expensive enhancements to the network infrastructure. The team was pleased to discover that enabling Axis Zipstream technology on the cameras far exceeded expectations to reduce the bandwidth needed for detailed, actionable video. Shipping is an industry with complex transactions over multiple locations and high expectations for the process to be carried out perfectly. By accurately recording transactions, the new system made it far easier to manage customer inquiries and illegal activities. “Our biggest success is with suspect identification,” said Ball. “The images are extremely clear and the system is very reliable. When you need to review a video, the information is always there.”

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