Market leadership built on innovation

Innovating for a smarter, safer future

Our business is all about creating customer value through innovative solutions. That’s what we’ve done since our start in 1984. We continually challenge conventions and innovate network based products and solutions for the security and related markets. All to optimize security and business performance for our customers while making sure our solutions are as simple and user-friendly as possible – from installation to operation.

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Putting people first

Innovation is about keeping our customers at the center of the connected, ever-changing world. We build solutions based on the latest advancements and trends that answer market needs; such as people’s increased need to feel secure, and network technologies that make security more accessible. And it’s why we do everything in our power to mitigate risks associated with cybersecurity.

Find out what drives innovation at Axis:

Market needs and trends

Trends in the security sector

Find out how you can best take advantage of five major trends that will affect the security sector in 2020 and beyond.


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Trends in network audio

Improved customer experience and smart zoning are just two of the hot topics in network audio that will improve businesses.


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Easy ways to make your business work

Online tools that make work easier

Interactive online tools to make your work faster and simpler. From design to operation.


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Support that gives you up-to-date cybersecurity

Software security starts with firmware. Long-Term Support (LTS) gives the double benefits of knowing your system is secure and that you maintain system integrity.


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