Fewer false alarms reduce costs and improve security

Axis network radar detector solution delivers enhanced building protection

“Businesses can save a lot of money by reducing false alarms and unnecessary call-outs. Ensuring ongoing service and maintenance can also result in major savings. We noticed that more and more companies are demanding secure operation and secure surveillance as a service, where we guarantee continued operation.” Fredrik Westin, CEO of InSupport.


A large shopping centre in Stockholm, Sweden, was having issues with an increased number of attempted burglaries by people climbing up its façade and entering the roof, as well as false alarms being triggered by animals such as insects and birds moving in the protected area. Staff have also accidently triggered alarms. False alarms have resulted in many unnecessary – and very costly – call-outs. The shopping centre wanted to stop unauthorised intruders as well as reduce the number of false alarms. It was also important for the shopping centre to ensure a safe and secure shopping experience for its visitors.


The shopping centre engaged system integrator InSupport. Alongside Axis Communications, its team installed an IP-based radar solution, AXIS D2050-VE Network Radar Detector, to complement the existing surveillance solution that already featured innovative Axis IP cameras and perimeter protection technology, as well as video analysis from Digital Barriers.


Intruders entering from the façade have largely disappeared and the number of false alarms has fallen dramatically. The shopping centre has saved hundreds of thousands of Swedish crowns per year on call-out costs alone from security companies. Furthermore, the team utilising the system has expressed how effective the radar technology has been at delivering the desired results.

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