Gimhae Customs maximizes efficiency of workforce management and monitoring with Axis solution

Axis cameras integrated with X-Ray scanners enhance security of airport customs

“By installing Axis cameras in our X-Ray rooms, we were able to manage our workforce more efficiently and improve our reading capabilities, which advanced the quality of our customer service. The simplified network system configuration has minimized management points and reduced the burden of maintenance. I am very pleased, especially when compared to the expensive analog products we used to have. The new system has far superior video quality and product stability so I am very satisfied.“ Gimhae Customs official.


Gimhae Customs is located in Gangseo-gu, Busan, and has jurisdiction over Gimhae International Airport (about 3 million㎡). Due to the characteristics of air cargo, key items imported through Gimhae Customs are repair parts for aircraft, communication devices and marine engines, small quantities of urgently needed samples, and advertising items. Most items exported through Gimhae Customs are agricultural and marine products and samples that must be urgently transported. Gimhae Customs handles incoming and outgoing travelers and export and import goods as efficiently and rapidly as possible, while effectively blocking the inflow of smuggled goods, narcotics and terrorist items. As Gimhae Customs operated a separate reading room for each of the 4 X-Ray scanners without any surveillance cameras, it had difficulty with workforce management. And since there was no separate monitoring system, it was impossible to accurately know the status of incoming/outgoing cargo. This led to frequent disputes with travelers about lost and damaged articles. To solve these problems and proactively respond to the continuous increase of airlines and travelers and changes in the environment of the airport, Gimhae Customs elected to introduce the best monitoring system possible to enhance its surveillance competency.


Gimhae Customs wanted to implement a solution that would minimize civil complaints by efficiently managing the workforce and enhancing the speed and accuracy of monitoring and tracking incoming items. Also, since the Gimhae Airport Surveillance System is using AXIS P5534 and AXIS P3304, Gimhae Customs wanted a product that was capable of smoothly interfacing with this system for more unified operations while providing high-definition video surveillance for clear and intuitive monitoring. In consideration of the International Arrival Hall’s special environment and the low ceiling height, one camera was required for each carousel; so the product had to be able to monitor a wide area.


Gimhae Customs introduced the network surveillance system based on AXIS P3304, AXIS P5534 and AXIS P5544, and effectively solved the problems of workforce management, monitoring and tracking. The X-Ray scanner for checked bags ensures accurate reading and speedy monitoring and tracking. Checked bags can now be monitored as they move along their route, which has reduced civil complaints and improved overall customer service. The system’s simplified configuration has reduced management points and maintenance load while boosting monitoring system efficiency.

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