Total cost of ownership and return on investment

Better insight for better business decisions

Building a cost-effective video surveillance system is a challenging task. There are many costs to consider, and also a lot of savings and benefits that can be hard to estimate.

Using a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model can help capture all the costs associated with a video surveillance system over its complete lifecycle. In addition, a TCO is a necessary foundation to correctly estimate the value, or Return on Investment (ROI), of the system.

Already used in many industries as a business tool, TCOs help integrators as well as buyers:

  • how costs are distributed over time

  • the risk of unforeseen costs

  • the value of the system

  • explain the business case during stakeholder discussions

  • project tenders

In our industry, there are few studies published that present TCO models or ROI examples.

Maximizing the ROI of your system

In this case study, Axis presents a combined approach to TCO and ROI. The TCO and ROI method has then been applied to real customer cases from city surveillance, retail and hotel industries – demonstrating in one project an ROI of as much as 2700% across the system lifecycle.

Understanding the TCO model

In this report, Axis has compiled a comprehensive TCO model of a large-scale system which includes project management, operation, maintenance and decommissioning costs, plus much more – all visualized with clear graphs.

Maximizing your ROI

Learn how to calculate value and discover real TCO and ROI case stories.

The TCO model

Discover how a comprehensive TCO can help you to make better business decisions about security projects.