AXIS P8804-2 3D People Counter Kit

Complete 3D people-counting hardware and software

  • Complete and easy to use
  • Precise and reliable 3D people counting
  • Optimal for high-flow traffic and difficult lighting
  • Improves staff and store planning
  • Option of discreet installation


Precise and reliable

AXIS P8804-2 3D People Counter Kit is specially designed for accuracy in challenging situations. It is a combination of the synchronized stereo imaging of AXIS P8804 Stereo Sensor Kit and the reliable analytics application AXIS 3D People Counter.

The kit can be mounted in passageways from as low as 2.4 m to 3.8 m (7.9 to 12.4 ft) from the ground, with a coverage of between 1.7 m to 3.85 m (5.6 ft to 12.5 ft) depending on the configuration of the counting zone. For more information on mounting heights and coverage widths, please see the user manual.

Optimize your store's performance

AXIS P8804-2 3D People Counter Kit gives you critical data to optimize your store’s performance. It can answer questions such as how many people visit your stores everyday, and how many make a purchase. It automatically counts in real time the number of people passing under the stereo camera and in which direction.

Improved accuracy

Stereo imaging enables the creation of a three-dimensional depth map that helps improve the accuracy of analytics such as people counting. A 3D depth map enables such applications to overcome challenging situations where there are shadows, strong sunlight, glares or high flows of people to or from a location.

A depth map can allow an analytics software to define the height of objects to be counted and thereby avoid counting irrelevant objects such as carts and strollers. In addition, there is no need to remove merchandise, displays or shelves in the counting zone.


AXIS P8804-2 3D People Counter Kit is designed to be mounted indoors in ceilings – either recessed in a drop ceiling for a discreet installation, or surface-mounted with the included adapter.

The analytics software runs on the main unit, which can be installed up to 8 meters (26 ft) cable (or an optional 15-meter cable) from the sensor unit. The main unit can be powered through Power over Ethernet (PoE) or low voltage DC. The kit is ideal for use in stores, banks, stations and airports.