How to get started

  • In the left-hand panel, there are three different scenes to choose from. The scene chosen is presented in the two videos to the right.
  • In the video to the left, the frame rate is set to 30 FPS and the shutter speed to 1/100. This video shows the optimal provided settings for image quality.
  • In the video to the right, you can select what frame rate and shutter speed you’d like to be shown, and experience the difference in image quality, depending on your settings.

Frame rate controls how many images, or frames, are shown each second. If something takes one second to pass in front of a camera, 5 frames per second means you will have 5 still images of that object. A higher frame rate gives you smoother motion, more images and improve the chance of not missing out on something happening in the scene. 

But don’t forget that a higher frame rate will need more network bandwidth and storage space. The shutter speed is the length of time a camera’s shutter is open. This controls the amount of light reaching the sensor. In low light situations, the shutter needs to stay open longer in order for the sensor to receive enough light. A possible side effect of this is motion blur, where moving objects become blurred.