Twin Dolphin Los Cabos enhances perimeter security as park grows

Thermal cameras and security radars by Axis Communications enhance security solution for Twin Dolphin Los Cabos as the park continues to grow

“The first strength that led us to choose Axis over other brands was the superior quality of its cameras. We have Axis cameras that were installed in 2013 and are still working. Besides that, they are very much at the forefront of technology.” Jorge Sánchez, IT Director, Twin Dolphin Los Cabos.


The benefit and potential of some projects continue to grow more successful over time. Expectations were high when the first Axis cameras were installed in Twin Dolphin, Mexico, a luxury development featuring residential communities, golf clubs, and hotels. The network IP cameras have more than met those original expectations and continue to work perfectly to this day. So when development officials determined that an expansion of the video surveillance system was necessary to provide perimeter protection of a new club being constructed on its premises, they decided that they would turn once again to Axis Communications, a company that had earned their trust and met their technology requirements.


Perimeter surveillance, both during the day and at night, was the main goal of the security and IT officials. To accomplish this, a combination of pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) cameras, security radars, thermal cameras, and panoramic cameras offering 180-degree fields of view were installed. In total, 200 cameras and 20 radars were deployed along with a video management system (VMS) by Milestone Systems, an Axis partner.


As a result of the relationship of trust that has been established, Twin Dolphins has acquired between 20 to 30 cameras per year keeping pace with the development of the project. At each new stage, Axis has adapted the technology solutions to meet the specifications of the job. With the perimeter protection solution in place, the security and IT departments can detect motion and monitor activity around the perimeter of the premises and make qualified decisions on how to handle it. The next phase of expansion includes monitoring the service area.

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