Innovative solution to document highways project using sustainable systems

Camera Control UK utilises Axis surveillance cameras as part of a renewable solution to track the progress of a major highways infrastructure project

“Axis really values innovation and is therefore an ideal partner, not only because the team takes the time to understand the challenges when trying to push the boundaries of what’s possible in surveillance, but also because their drive towards sustainable and ethical practices is admirable and an inspiration to other technology companies.” Martin Naylor, Director, Camera Control UK.


Camera Control UK, launched in 2011 as ML2 Networx, focuses on security, remote CCTV, access control, timelapse imagery and site communication. A project from video production company, MB Productions, required surveillance cameras to be positioned along a route from Perth to Inverness, to document part of a highways infrastructure programme. The A9 Dualling Project would create a dual carriageway to greatly improve traffic flow and remove heavy congestion. Time-lapse video would be required to document the work for auditing purposes, provide evidence, and serve as example material for future projects. The required solution would need to operate in an area with no communication networks or local power, while coping with weather and construction logistics.


Working closely with Axis, Camera Control UK developed a system that would document high-quality time-lapse footage of the project in 10-minute intervals. The solution uses AXIS P1448-LE Network Cameras on 8 metre masts, delivering high quality 4K image capture even in low light and harsh conditions. Each mast is powered by a combination of wind turbine and solar PV panels, which also provide charge to a backup battery powerpack. The masts are linked to a central control location using a dedicated wireless network, and the whole system can be remotely monitored to continually check its status of operation. Remote management also enables the cameras to be fine-tuned for precision imagery of the work in progress.


MB Productions was presented with an innovative solution that enabled it to gain a full overview in 4K resolution of the entire project. Not only could the system capture impressive time-lapse imagery, showcasing the enormous achievements in restructuring and reshaping the carriageway, but it also operated using 100% sustainable methods. With no need for power to be drawn from a local source, and the avoidance of using a diesel fuel generator, the solution demonstrates what can be achieved by harnessing the natural elements: an entirely environmentally friendly solution.

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