AXIS M42 Network Camera Series

IP Camera AXIS m4206lv has HDMI output for public monitors and 3 MP / HDTV 1080p. The Camera is from ceiling front
Affordable varifocal mini domes
  • 3 MP / HDTV 1080p
  • Varifocal lens with remote zoom and focus
  • WDR and OptimizedIR
  • Zipstream with H.264 and H.265
  • HDMI output for public monitors
Camera M347-P mounted on wall in retail store.

Designed for discretion or deterrence

The compact dome design means AXIS M42 Network cameras can be discreetly installed so it’s not easily noticed. These mini domes can be repainted to blend in seamlessly with any interior. Clear and smoked dome covers are also available as accessories, so you can conceal the direction in which the camera is pointing, making it perfect for any location where discreet monitoring is needed to protect your assets.

Plus, it can be used as a visible deterrent to discourage antisocial and criminal behavior thanks to a HDMI port that can display digital streams on public viewing monitors.

Outstanding images from every angle

AXIS M42 Network cameras offers a flexible field of view. It includes 3-6 mm varifocal lens letting you adjust and focus from remote locations. The cameras delivers 3 MP for wide 4:3 view and 1080p for 16:9 aspect ratio, with a viewing angle up to 100°. Under challenging light, WDR and Zipstream lets you capture the important details while lowering bandwidth and storage requirements by 50% or more. And with IR Illumination, you get exceptional clarity and sharpness even in pitch darkness.

AXIS IP Camera installed as clothing store interior  in a retail shop.

Easy to install. Affordable to run.

AXIS M42 Network cameras is easy to install and operate. Including a wide range of accessories, this camera can be mounted just about anywhere indoors. Mounting on walls or ceilings requires only two screws, and the casing simply snaps on. Plus, thanks to its dust-resistant casing you can be confident it’s safe and secure.

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Max video resolution
Horizontal field of view
Remote zoom
Remote focus
Wide dynamic range
Vandal rating
HDMI Output


  • Datasheets

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    • Product Comparison Tables - Q3 2021 English
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