CS lenses

Fujinon Varifocal Megapixel Lens 15-50 mm
Lenses for fixed box cameras with CS-mount

When we create our fixed box cameras, we carefully select a lens that provides the best image quality for the most common installation scenarios. To cover more special requirements, we offer a wide range of optional lenses. In our portfolio of CS-mount lenses, we have lenses with extreme light sensitivity, telephoto lenses that provide a high level of detail, P-Iris or DC-iris lenses, as well as i-CS lenses. All our lenses are varifocal and support megapixel resolution and IR correction for day/night cameras.

Lens technologies

Our i-CS lenses use the latest standard and have three motors that enable automatic and remote control of all lens functions, such as zoom, focus and iris opening. The i-CS lens uses an open protocol developed jointly by Axis Communications and Computar®. Thanks to the protocol and information from the lens, the camera can always optimize its image quality. The lens can perform Barrel Distortion Correction (BDC) using geometric distortion data as well as stabilize the image with Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS).

P-Iris is an automatic, precise iris control developed by Axis Communications and the lens manufacturer Kowa. It includes a P-Iris lens with a motor and specialized software. The P-Iris system addresses the shortcomings of an auto-iris lens and improves contrast, clarity, resolution and depth of field.

DC-iris lenses have an automatically adjustable iris opening that responds to changes in light levels. This gives them a significant advantage in situations with varying light conditions compared to a lens with a manually adjustable iris opening.

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