Analytics for security and safety

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Discover how Axis analytics help improve security and safety by enabling appropriate actions to be taken without delays.

Our edge-based analytics, together with Axis video products, can detect intrusions and loitering, automate gate opening/closing and track a stolen car. They also enable automatic responses to events such as sending live video and emailing alerts to security staff. Axis analytics help you to effectively gain situational awareness and stay in control.

“With as much activity as we have on the property, the cameras and video analytics are essential to handling the surveillance workload.”

John Underwood, Surveillance Technology Manager for Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa


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AXIS Barcode Reader

QR code reader for seamless access Learn More
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AXIS Face Detector

Face detection for loss prevention Learn More
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AXIS Fence Guard

For intrusion detection Learn More
AXIS License Plate Verifier icon

AXIS License Plate Verifier

Hassle-free license plate recognition Learn More
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AXIS Live Privacy Shield

Versatile dynamic privacy masking Learn More
AXIS Loitering Guard icon

AXIS Loitering Guard

For detecting loiterers Learn More
AXIS Motion Guard icon

AXIS Motion Guard

Smart motion detection Learn More
AXIS Object Analytics icon

AXIS Object Analytics

AI-based object detection and classification Learn More
AXIS Perimeter Defender icon

AXIS Perimeter Defender

High-security, scalable perimeter protection Learn More
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AXIS Speed Monitor

Visualize radar data and get actionable insights Learn More
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AXIS Video Motion Detection

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