Course description:

Answer five quiz questions from each knowledge area (25 questions in all) and learn from feedback on your answer.

Practical information:

Format: Online
Length: 30 minutes
Price: Free of charge

Course outline:

Each of the five knowledge areas below consists of a brief introduction, followed by five questions and feedback on your answers.

1. System design

  • Find out how much you know about designing a complete network video surveillance solution.

2. Network video technology

  • Test your knowledge of standards and technologies in network video surveillance.

3. Networking

  • Review your understanding of the role of each device in a network.

4. Axis product knowledge

  • See how familiar you are with the Axis product portfolio.

5. Installation

  • Evaluate your understanding of basic considerations during the installation phase.

Course objectives:

After completing this course, you’ll know if you’re ready to become an Axis Certified Professional.

Who should attend:

Professionals in the network video industry who intend to become Axis Certified Professionals.



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