Course description

This eLearning course introduces Axis explosion-protected cameras. You will learn about the risks in hazardous areas, how explosion-protected cameras work, the benefits of video analytics, and in which scenarios explosion-protected cameras can support you with health and safety applications as well as operational efficiency.

Practical information

Format: Online
Length: 15-30 minutes
Price: Free of charge

Course outline

1. What causes an explosion?
Explains how an explosion occurs and what a hazardous area is.

2. Hazardous area standards for electrical installations
Presents the industry standards for electrical installations in hazardous areas, which explosion-protected products must meet.

Two sets of standards:

  • North America
  • The rest of the world

3. What is an explosion-protected camera?
Explains how an explosion-protected camera is built and the benefits it brings to hazardous areas.

4. Typical use cases
Shows various use cases of how explosion-protected cameras can be valuable by providing many benefits within health and safety applications as well as operational efficiency.

Course objective

After completing the course, participants should:

be familiar with:

  • the explosion-protected camera standards for hazardous areas (two paths: North America and the rest of the world)
  • common use cases for explosion-protected cameras


  • the risks in hazardous areas
  • what makes a camera explosion-protected
  • the benefits of video analytics

Who should attend

Professionals within the network video surveillance industry interested in learning about explosion-protected cameras.



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