Robin Olofsson

Robin Olofsson, Developer, Body Worn cameras

During his university studies in Information and Communications technology, Robin Olofsson spent a summer working at Axis in the Body Worn Solutions Department. After that he was offered a part time job, and during the spring he took to opportunity to write his master thesis in the same department.

Today Robin works with Agile development for body worn solutions. He enjoys working at Axis and describes that him and his colleagues work in small teams to be efficient, but always help each other out and collaborate with the other teams. “The assignments are fun, I have a good relationship with my co-workers and I like to be part of the Axis culture. It’s a place where everybody is helpful, and it feels good to collaborate with others.

Robin adds: “What I do has a clear connection to the products we send to the market and contributes to creating a smarter, safer world. The cameras I develop will be worn by policemen, security guards and others. It feels like these products really give people a safer working environment.”

Robin recommends other students to take the opportunity to apply for summer jobs early in their studies: “Coming out and experiencing employers and work early helps in the future. This makes it easier when you are looking for a job after you graduate.”

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