Tools to help install and manage

Here you’ll find tools to help you install and manage your systems. They’ll make it easy to roll out software upgrades to many different components, for example. And they’ll help you and your customers keep up with security patches, which can be of invaluable assistance in the fight to maintain systems that are as cyber secure as possible.

AXIS IP Utility

Simple network discovery of Axis devices.

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AXIS Device Manager

Easy and secure management of Axis devices.

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SNMP extension for monitoring of Axis products.

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AXIS Optimizer for Milestone XProtect®

Suite of plugins for Axis devices in XProtect.

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AXIS Streaming Assistant

For streaming applications.

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AXIS Media Control

Decode H.264 video in Internet Explorer.

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AXIS Matroska File Splitter

Playback of exported video files in standard format.

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AXIS Device Manager Extend

Instant awareness of your devices on all sites.

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