AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera

Made with you in mind

  • WDR 
  • Dual mics for noise suppression
  • Battery life of over 12 hours 
  • Klick Fast System
  • Axis Zipstream for body worn cameras
  • Free mobile app


AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera is an easy-to-use, lightweight and robust body worn camera that lets you store and manage video your way. It plugs right into your own Axis system or another system of your choice. 

Becomes a part of your system

AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera is based on open standards for flexibility and scalability.  You can use it with your current Axis solution. We can provide you with a complete end-to-end solution that includes AXIS Camera Station VMS. Or you can use AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera with a third-party VMS or EMS, either on-site or in the cloud. Either way, you decide how you want to manage your video evidence – while protecting the value of your existing investments

Wear it

AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera gives you sharp images every time and clear audio thanks to dual microphones with noise suppression. It’s lightweight, robust, water-resistant, and easy to use. It starts and stops fast – with a touch. And it buffers up to 90 seconds before you switch it on, so you’ll catch the whole encounter. It has silent mode for surreptitious recording. And a battery life of over 12 hours, USB charging, and fast offloading make it ready to go when you are and a snap to put away. 

Efficient, safe and scalable

AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera features Axis Zipstream technology, so you can store as much footage as you need without compromising video quality – onsite or in the cloud. It comes with an easy-to-use mobile app for viewing and labeling in the field.  And evidence is easy to find and retrieve.  AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera also lives up official FBI standards for cybersecurity with end-to-end encryption. And open standards and cost efficient docking stations with a separate controller makes it easy to add as many cameras as you want anytime.

AXIS Body Worn Assistant 

AXIS Body Worn Assistant is an app for iPhone or Android that gives you instant access to stored recordings on your AXIS W100 Body Worn Camera. You can start your reporting already out in the field by categorising a recording and attaching notes to it. All added information becomes part of the metadata and is automatically transferred of the camera when docked. The Live View function assists you to position the camera correctly on your body and can be used to view live action from around a corner or behind a barrier. By using the help, you can access user documentation on how to operate the camera. 

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AXIS Body Worn Assistant – an easy to use assistant to your body worn camera

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