Duja El Khamisi standing on the stairs inside the Axis head office in Lund.

Duja El-Khamisi - Engineering Manager Audio, Sweden

Axis puts a very high value on innovation and forward thinking. We have the opportunity and freedom to experiment with new things. I have full responsibility for the plans I make and I’m free to express my opinions. My views are heard, and I am able to influence both day-to-day projects and the bigger strategic growth of the company. Alongside this independence to innovate and explore new ideas is a real sense of teamwork. Anyone’s door is open. I can talk and discuss with anyone in the company without hierarchical barriers.

I’m always learning. My job is very challenging, and I have responsibility, which forces me to improve my skills all the time. Sometimes I read books, sometimes I discuss ideas with colleagues in forums, I take courses that are relevant to my role, participate in mentor programs and get external help and guidance. The investment in my development, combined with the ability to really shape projects and company direction, makes me feel that I’m seen and treated as an asset at Axis.

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