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Agata Majkucińska -  Distribution Account Manager, Poland, Ukraine & Baltics

I have been working at Axis for more than 10 years and the thing I appreciate most is our friendly work environment. I can easily contact any team member around the world, including top management, and I always experience the same openness and willingness to help.

For many years, I worked alone in Poland, but I have never felt lonely. I always felt part of my team even though we weren’t based in the same office.

As a salesperson, I had a unique role in my team, and I’m also someone who values their autonomy. So it’s great that my managers trust me to take the right decisions. My team are a group of competent and independent individuals, and together we have developed successful ways of working together. Locally, we are able to run different initiatives which can be totally new for Axis but important for our market. It’s another kind of freedom and it really works for us.

Voices of employees matter here. We share ideas and local market feedback. These help us to constantly innovate and discover new areas beyond what we had done in the past. I like to feel that my role and tasks can influence our organization. It’s inspiring!

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