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Daniel John - Field Sales Account Manager - UK & Ireland

After a decade working for this company, I am still fascinated by the innovations we keep delivering. I am continually impressed with the new products and technologies that we bring to market, while also fostering a fun and inclusive atmosphere.

There is a great feeling of togetherness and belonging here, despite us being a big international company with offices all over the world. You experience it as soon as you start! All new employees are invited to HQ in Lund, Sweden, for an induction, where you get to meet colleagues from other countries as well as senior management.  This really helps you to understand the values of the company and it’s a great introduction to the way things work.  

As an account manager, I also enjoy the balance between autonomy and support I’m given here at Axis. I have always felt trusted to deliver what is required but I also have great support and a big network of people I can turn to for advice. 

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