Autoneum throttles up plant safety with intelligent surveillance

Auto parts manufacturer uses Axis solutions to pump the brakes on property damage while revving up factory safety, security and operations

“Having the Axis cameras show us how damage was done or how someone was injured helps us learn what measures we need to institute to prevent those things from happening again.” Chuck Gratti, System Administrator for Autoneum.


When Autoneum added a new 325,000-square-foot factory to its operations in Aikens, South Carolina, they knew ensuring worker safety was critical. To achieve that goal, the auto parts manufacturer wanted to install a mix of network cameras to provide clear oversight of the factory floor as well as administrative offices, break rooms, loading docks and parking lot. The system needed to be highly secure with remote access for credentialed employees’ to provide faster incident responses and quicker resolutions to problems.


Autoneum hired Eli Controls, a security systems integrator and Axis partner, to create a site plan that would layout the optimum locations for cameras throughout the plant. Eli Controls then installed more than 50 Axis network cameras, each chosen to maximize visibility into a specific location. The cameras are managed through AXIS Camera Station video management software pre-loaded onto an AXIS S20 Appliance, which provides an all-in-one, 12-terabyte network video recorder for onsite video storage. Managers load the AXIS Camera Station mobile viewing app onto their handheld devices to actively monitor the cameras within their area of responsibility. To further enhance security, Eli Controls installed Axis network horn speakers at emergency exit doors to emit a tone when anyone opens the door and triggers an associated Axis camera to send a visual alert to the plant manager to verify who it is. These audio devices can also be used as a paging system in case of emergency weather alerts like a tornado.


The Axis cameras are already helping to curb equipment damage due to careless forklift operators, something that previously cost the factory tens of thousands of dollars a year. With a visual record of the incident, management can identify those drivers who need re-training. Autoneum also finds the video recordings valuable in countering any customer claims of shipment shortages.

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