13 floors of high technology

Public hospital in Belo Horizonte adopts Axis cameras from basement to helipad and achieves improvements in operational indicators

“The image quality and equipment reliability give us peace of mind and enhance operational efficiency. The experience has been very positive and is meeting all the hospital’s operational needs.” Rogério Thamer, Gocil Technology Director.


Belo Horizonte, a city with the fourth largest GDP per capita in Brazil, needed to expand its residents’ access to hospital services. That’s why the city government launched the Dr. Célio de Castro Metropolitan Hospital (HMDCC). Its 13 floors have a built area of 46,000 m², 451 beds, including 80 intensive care beds, and 16 operating theaters. HMDCC sought out technologies to provide patient and employee safety, in addition to achieving operational gains and agility of care in the hospital. Such services are the responsibility of the Novo Metropolitano consortium - which assumed this responsibility through a Public-Private Partnership contract with the city government.


The hospital’s video surveillance solution is designed to provide continuous monitoring of people and environments, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The video surveillance project employs IP video from Axis Communications, with software from Axis partner Digifort. The system uses 276 cameras, including AXIS M1114-E, AXIS M3005-V, AXIS M3007-P and AXIS P5532-E models, on every floor of the building.


The system helps in prevention, immediate response, and recording of various incidents that go beyond security, such as prevention of patient evasion. Another example is being able to quickly move cleaning teams and building maintenance crews to deal with incidents. The images are also used to verify indicators for operations such as registering the day and time of trash collection. The plan is that in the future the cameras will integrate with Integras Gocil, an integrated platform to increase operational efficiency and intelligence in performing specific procedures.

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AXIS M1114-E Netzwerk-Kamera
AXIS M3005-V Fest Ausgerichtete Dome-Netzwerk-Kamera
AXIS M3007-P-Netzwerk-Kamera
AXIS P5532-E PTZ-Dome-Netzwerk-Kamera