Technology institute resolves emergency and builds safe campus with Axis

Superior Institute of Technology Champotón uses Axis network cameras to counter destructive protests and support greater campus safety and security

"The Axis cameras have high image quality and cutting-edge technological innovations. Their consistent performance allows us to grow as an institution that is committed to excellence on par with other leading institutions in this country. Axis cameras are highly efficient and long-lasting. It has been years since we installed the first four cameras, and they continue to function well.” Eumir Antonio Novelo Cú, Head of Center for Computing and Information Technology.


Because of controversy over the acquisition of land to build the Superior Institute of Technology Champotón (ITESCHAM) in Campeche, Mexico, administrators were facing violent protests by area residents against the project. During construction, protestors stole equipment, damaged the facilities and threated students and staff. Ongoing threats sparked the search for technology to secure the campus inside and out.


Initially, the school installed four high performance Axis network cameras with day/night functionality and motion detection to deter vandalism, theft and confrontations. They strategically placed the cameras at the outer corners of campus to monitor the perimeter and ensure any incidents were recorded. With assistance from MMC, a systems integrator and Axis partner, the school gradually expanded surveillance throughout the campus to include all exterior areas, hallways, administrative offices, computer labs and more. A total of 43 Axis network cameras are currently deployed, and the college manages the system with an ISS SecureOS Professional Video Management System (VMS).


A few days after installing the cameras, video footage documented a group of protestors at the very moment they destroyed the fence surrounding the campus. With this evidence, the institute was able to identify the perpetrators and stop any further destruction by the protestors. Expanding surveillance throughout campus helped the campus security drastically reduce incidents of violence, vandalism and theft. The Axis cameras also assisted the school in the recovering 90% of the items students have reported lost or misplaced.

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