Analytics & other applications

AXIS Camera Application Platform

AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP) is an open platform supported by most Axis cameras. The platform allows you to add analytics and other applications to meet specific security and business requirements.

In Axis Application gallery, you’ll find ACAP applications developed by Axis and its partners. These applications are ready to be embedded directly in Axis’ products, to perform analysis of live or recorded video. Examples of such applications are cross-line detectionpeople countinglicense plate recognition – and much, much more.

Axis analytics

Axis video analytics applications enable proactive surveillance, helping your security staff protect your property by detecting and deterring crime. The applications can, for example, detect trespassers or loiterers and automatically notify a guard or play a message over a loudspeaker. The edge-based applications are scalable and help reduce bandwidth and storage use by sending and recording only video that is of interest.

Beyond security, Axis offers a range of applications for the retail industry that provide valuable and actionable statistics, as well as tools that help businesses improve sales, prevent losses and increase profits.

Business intelligence applications

AXIS Store Optimization Suite

Discover how retail intelligence optimizes staff planning, enhances customer experience, and improves marketing and merchandising activities.

Security applications

AXIS Loss Prevention Suite

Reduce losses and keep control of your premises.

AXIS Perimeter Defender

Scalable perimeter protection, high detection accuracy and multiple detection scenarios for demanding large-scale installations.

AXIS Motion Guard

Detects motion and triggers an alarm whenever an object moves within predefined areas in a camera's field of view. Provides flexible configuration and supports mechanisms that reduce false alarms. 

AXIS Fence Guard

Set up virtual fences in a camera's field of view to protect an area from intrusion. The application triggers an alarm when it detects a moving object crossing a user-defined virtual line. 

AXIS Video Motion Detection

A free application that detects moving objects within a predefined area of interest, making it possible to automatically trigger an event.

AXIS Cross Line Detection

A basic trip-wire application that automatically detects moving objects that cross a virtual line and triggers an event.

AXIS Digital Autotracking

A free application that enables fixed megapixel cameras to automatically detect, zoom in on and follow moving objects using digital PTZ.

AXIS Radar Autotracking for PTZ

A free application for network radar detectors that enables object tracking for pan, tilt, zoom cameras.