AXIS Site Designer

With AXIS Site Designer, you’ll be able to pick just the right cameras for any surveillance scenario. Adding accessories and picking a recording solution is quick and easy. When done designing your project, AXIS Site Designer prints a comprehensive bill of materials that includes​ everything you need to complete your installation. Learn more about the features of AXIS Site Designer below.

Work anywhere – with or without a network connection

AXIS Site Designer is a web application that is easily accessible on from your tablet or PC with no additional software to download or install. Once you have started the application, it can be used even when off-line. 

Manage multiple projects

With AXIS Site Designer, you can keep track of multiple projects. Project templates provide a quick way to get new projects started. If you log in to using your MyAxis or partner login, your work will be saved on Axis’ servers, and you can access your projects from any browser.

Find the right camera

​The all new camera selector finds the right camera for your scenario. Set up your scenario and get a shortlist of cameras that fulfill your needs.​

Pick accessories with confidence

​AXIS Site Designer knows which accessories work with your selected camera. This takes the effort out of finding the right mounts and other accessories for your needs.

Storage solutions at your fingertips

AXIS Site Designer recommends the storage solutions that fit your project and video recording requirements. For maximum convenience, pick one of the AXIS Camera Station S10 Recorder Series models.

Create bill of materials and quotations

​You can add any Axis product to your project and create a complete bill of materials and quotation. In France, Germany, Neteherlands, UK, US and Sweden AXIS Site Designer offers automatic insert of MSRP as a base for camera product selection as well as for easier creation of quotations, in other countries prices can be inserted manually.