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Sustainability highlights during 2019

CO2 emissions decreased with 5%

Axis lowered its CO2 emissions during the year with 5% compared to 2018. The decrease is primarily due to more efficient inbound transports.


Lower CO2 emissions from transports are a result of several initiatives. For example, there’s a new components strategy where we now keep more components in our own inventory. Another factor was getting the Axis configuration and logistics center in Thailand up and running, used for products that are manufactured for the Asian market.

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More recycled materials in our products

We continued our efforts to phase in new, recycled materials to increase the amount of recycled materials in our products. In 2019, we released several camera models where up to 20% of the plastic is recycled.


An increasing percentage of the packaging for products is also comprised of recycled material.

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First BFR/CFR-free camera model launched

Last year, new long-term environmental goals were formulated for our focus areas: Beating climate change, Protecting natural resources and Protecting ecosystems. One goal is to minimize the use of hazardous substances in our products, and specifically making all Axis network cameras BFR/CFR-free. During the year we launched the first camera model free from BFR and CRF.
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Further initiatives for improved equality and diversity

Of the total number of new employees, 29% were women and 71% men. During the year there were several initiatives aimed at increasing equality and diversity, such as:


  • Recruitment training on diversity in several regions.
  • A leadership program for women was developed in collaboration with Security Industry Association (SIA) in the Americas.
  • A “gender decoder” tool was introduced in the Americas, to review the language of job applications for gender bias.
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Second Women in Security event

Last June, Axis EMEA arranged a Women in Security conference with the purpose to raise awareness, and both encourage and promote women in this line of business.


Anna Forsberg, VP EMEA, host of Women in Security EMEA:

“Women in Security provided an excellent opportunity for women in the security industry to meet, network and engage in worthwhile discussions. This conference is one way of helping us become better at increasing diversity and inclusion.”

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Employees participated in anti-corruption training

Axis has zero tolerance for all types of bribery and other forms of corruption. No incidents of bribery or other forms of corruption were reported during the year. Neither in 2018 or 2017 did any known incidents of corruption arise.


Nearly all Axis employees participated in training on anti-corruption and signed a document stating that they comply with the anti-corruption policy.

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All new suppliers were screened

The goal was that all new suppliers in 2019 were to be audited with respect to criteria on the environment, working conditions, human rights and corruption.


During the year all new suppliers were screened via self-evaluation and on-site audits.

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Continued support to Hekima Girls’ School

Six years ago, Axis and the Hekima Girls’ School in Tanzania worked together to install a new, locally sourced PC lab and taught students and teachers how to use educational software. A lot has changed since then and the program has helped both the students and the local economy. Last year we travelled to the school once more to continue to improve the quality of education for these girls. Read the background story

New Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct stipulates our principles, values and guidelines and serves as the foundation for running our business. It’s based on the ten principles of the UN Global Compact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.


During last year a new Code of Conduct was developed with the aim of clarifying our guidelines and ethics. Global implementation of the conduct will occur during 2020.

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New travel policy to lower CO2 emissions

A new travel policy was launched aimed at lowering the amount of CO2 emissions from business travels.


During 2019 the goal was to lower the emissions with 8% per employee. In Sweden, these emissions decreased with 13% per employee, even though the number of employees increased.

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