Long-term, profitable decision

Banco de Brasília S.A. weighed all the variables and decided to replace its analog CCTV with digital video surveillance in 100% of its branches

"The partnership with Axis, through its representatives, was one of the cornerstones that allowed the project to succeed. Our video surveillance system functions at a very high level compared to other financial institutions, especially those that still insist on using analog and hybrid camera models.” Deivison Nery and Fabiano Cypriano, Security Area for BRB Banco de Brasília S.A.


The banking sector has always been more conservative regarding the adoption of IP video surveillance. Some professionals from the financial industry are historically reluctant to open their networks to more devices. In addition, with a large number of old analog cameras, some managers tend to simply compare the initial cost of one analog camera versus IP. This rationale overlooks other factors, such as maintenance costs or even losses due to images that were not useful for investigations. Banco de Brasília S.A. (BRB) has been a pioneer in Brazil when it comes to thinking outside the box. In 2010, the financial institution did an analysis that led it to completely abandon its analog system and adopt Axis digital technology in all its 127 branches, spread across the country.


The advantages of IP technology, which did not significantly alter the proposed initial budget, led BRB to invest in a project consisting of AXIS M3202, AXIS M3204 and AXIS P1343 Network Cameras, along with other models. In all, the project involved 1,153 cameras managed by Digifort software. In 2015, BRB decided to expand and update its cameras. The competitive tender procedure was won by a system integrator called Arcade, again involving hundreds of cameras. This time the project used AXIS M3037-PVE panoramic units, which are capable of replacing two or three existing cameras, depending on the layout of the bank branch. The new phase also added Zipstream compression technology and video analytics.


BRB became the first bank in Brazil to use digital video surveillance in 100% of its installations. This modernization gave scalability and openness to a system that is now ready for expansion, integration, and migrations. Maintenance costs dropped substantially. After being installed in 2011, the earlier Axis cameras were reallocated and remain in use, since only five of the 1,153 initial cameras presented issues over their first 5 years of service.

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