Monitoring of branch companies with IP cameras from Axis

Deploying video surveillance system for multi-location company Turkuaz Machinery

“Our goal in the project was to integrate all Turkuaz Machinery branches into one surveillance network enabling the company management to keep track of local workflow remotely both in real time and by watching videos from the archive. Since we needed the “fail-safe” cameras that would allow the remote access from anywhere globally and deliver high-quality image, we selected Axis IP cameras. We would like to thank our distributor company RRC, whose specialists helped us in the projecting phase and delivered products in shortest possible time.” Aslan Manapov Adipovich, Zhedel Information System.


For over a decade Turkuaz Machinery, which is a part of Turkuaz Group, is involved in delivery and servicing of special-purpose machinery for the largest oil and gas, mining, building and agricultural enterprises of Central Asia. To ensure the efficient monitoring of branch network that spreads over the whole region, the company management decided to modernize the video surveillance system and integrate all the branches into one network providing an opportunity of centralized access to both live video and video archive.


Before the project was launched, the branches of Turkuaz Machinery either had no video surveillance system at all or it comprised of analogue cameras that frequently failed and could not provide the desired image quality. Since the very beginning Zhedel Information Systems recommended to the company management to use Axis IP cameras at the territory of the enterprises, as this was solution for image quality issues, long device operations without any failure and remote access from anywhere in the world.


Because of modernization, about 260 Axis network cameras were installed at the territory of Turkuaz Machinery branches. AXIS M10, AXIS M11, AXIS P13 and AXIS P14 Network Cameras were used along with AXIS M2014-E. The key advantages of this solution are cameras reliability of operations, high definition image and additional video analytics functionality together with advanced setting capabilities via web-interface.

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