A textbook example of school security with Axis

School District of Pickens County chooses Axis to protect 16,000 students in 27 schools

“We wanted to put in an IP system with clear picture quality that would be with us for the future. Axis proved to be the best product for what we wanted to achieve.” Danny Barrett, Director of Operations/AITS Special Projects, School District of Pickens County.


School District of Pickens County (SDPC) encompasses 27 K-12 schools in northwestern South Carolina. With concerns about school safety rising, SDPC desired an advanced, comprehensive security system to protect the 16,000 students under their care. The district already had a few analog cameras placed in known trouble spots, but they wanted expand to complete coverage of the schools in their district with an all-IP camera system.


Security integrator and Axis partner A3 Communications recommended a fully integrated approach that took advantage of Axis’ open, non-proprietary platform. A3 Communications and SDPC installed 1,600 Axis network cameras, along with S2 Security access control units and Video Insight VMS in every building in the district. In the high schools and middle schools, Axis cameras covered each doorway, hallway, parking lot and common spaces such as the gym and auditorium. They took full advantage of the entire AXIS P33 Series by installing AXIS P3301-V, AXIS P3343-VE, AXIS P3344-VE and AXIS P3364-VE Fixed Dome Network Cameras to maintain constant coverage of the areas under surveillance.


School District of Pickens County was able to achieve maximum coverage in the schools across their entire district. They can now more easily determine if a person should or shouldn’t be on their high school and middle school campuses. The archived video is used to investigate incidents ranging from fights to misbehavior to operational issues. They are also able to use Axis network video for activities beyond safety and security such as distributing video to classrooms with encoders and capturing school board meetings for posting online.

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