Bingo Roma room from the inside with big sign and seats in front.
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Organization: Bingo Roma
Location: Madrid, Spain
Customer need: Facial recognition
Madrid, Spain, 

Bingo Roma casino security uses Axis solutions as a driving force.


Security is one of the most important factors in the recreation and gaming sector. First, because of the flow of money it involves, and second, because customers must feel secure and relaxed at all times if they are to carry out their activities with complete confidence. And for a company like Bingo Roma, security is key.

To achieve this, Bingo Roma uses equipment from Axis Communications, a leading manufacturer in the sector, and Fibratel, a specialized installer, which sought to guide it towards a solution that met market standards, achieving a scalable solution both vertically (expansion of greater resources) and horizontally (with the possibility of integrating solutions and analytics that allow a physical security solution to be made even more secure).


Bingo Roma’s needs were addressed through a threephase solution: In the first phase, security was focused on the rooms where gambling activity takes place, where more than 100 AXIS P3225-LV MKII Network Cameras were installed. The second phase focused on the control of all the units that were installed, together with centralized software that is used to control the entire system. The third phase makes it possible to take advantage of the potential offered by the solution, to introduce facial recognition and license plate recognition at the various accesses to the site.


Thanks to all these technologies implemented during these 3 different phases, Bingo Roma has become one of the best-equipped bingo parlors in terms of both security and technology solutions, and has become a leader in bingo at the national level. Customers are more secure and happier with all the technological advances implemented, both in terms of faster and more agile access to the site and in terms of security inside the bingo parlor.

Being able to be sure not only to comply with the obligations of the sector but also being able to incorporate added value to ensure security, visibility, and capacity in a non-intrusive way. Direct application of an AI tool, both to customers and to our staff, facilitates day-to-day operations.
Bingo Roma Communication Department.

Security is one of the most important factors in the recreation and gaming sector. And there’s no better way to control site security than watching everything that happens inside and in the surroundings unintrusively. That way, we can act quickly in the event of any incidents we may encounter.

Moreover, this type of unintrusive surveillance should be carried out in a way that makes customers feel comfortable and trusted. So much so that they can conduct the recreational activity that they have come for with complete peace of mind, feeling free and welcomed in a protected environment.


Axis camera in ceiling above illuminated signs.

AXIS P3225-LV MKII is a network camera that offers WDR Forensic Capture to handle scenes with strong variations in lighting, along with Axis Lightfinder technology for excellent light sensitivity. and P-Iris control for excellent clarity and depth of field, all to ensure excellent video quality in both strong and poor lighting conditions. Its day/night functionality, together with the OptimizedIR, an integrated Axis IR solution, ensures uniform illumination and excellent video quality, even in complete darkness.

In addition, AXIS P3225-LV Mk II allows multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG video transmissions to be made, each with individual configurations. And since it has a memory card slot, the video can be stored locally.

In the second phase, the objective was to centralize all the content from the installed cameras using management software, arranged via a storage system, as well as to manage the necessary computations to manage the cameras using several servers. The third phase, which takes advantage of the potential offered by the solution, begins with integration of facial recognition and parking management solutions.

Bingo Roma is one of the oldest bingo halls in Madrid, opening in 1980. Their years in the business and their experience in the sector have made them one of the most cutting-edge, widely-recognized bingo parlors, and they stand at the forefront of new developments for the entire Community of Madrid. This family business has more than 100 staff members and more than 1,000 visitors each day.

Axis camera in ceiling, one blue wall and one black and white.

Visitors not only come to play but to spend time together with their friends, to feel welcomed and pampered with all the luxury that the facility offers. Its customers are its top priority, and so Bingo Roma leaves nothing to chance. They stay in touch with their interests and adapt their services to their needs.

One of the key factors of the organization is its social commitment. They actively collaborate with different NGOs and non-profit foundations and participate in joint events. They help raise funds for children at risk of social exclusion and research to fight diseases.

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