Career possibilities at Axis

Your personal success is our success!

What makes Axis is all the engaging and inspiring women and men who share knowledge and experience with each other. Who are passionate for what they do, who drive their own development and their area of expertise. Axis give you the possibility, trust and time to do so. It is all very simple really - if you are happy and feel fulfilled Axis will continue to be the (thought) market leaders and pushing the boundaries in everything we do. Because together we make a difference!


Building a learning culture and boost performance

In a fast changing business environment continuous learning and development is crucial for Axis' success. To be competitive we need engaged and inspired employees who share knowledge and experience with each other. This support our aim for a high level of innovation and a cooperative climate.

Our ambition is to integrate new employees and to develop and retain existing ones, in a professional and positive spirit in line with our culture and core values. We work actively with development of the individual and the teams in order to ensure that the competences are in line with the overall objectives and the long term growth of Axis. Each individual is responsible for building his/her competence in accordance with the needs for the current and future roles and responsibilities

Learning strategy


1. Holistic learning
Enables our people to succeed in real performance situations by offering an immersive learning environment.

2. Thriving ecosystem
Encourage people, teams and extended stakeholders to thrive and develop through Axis strategy.

3. Agile, digital infrastructure
A virtual environment that enable a sharing is caring way of knowledge, ideas, competences and learning.

4. Networking
A dynamic workplace at Axis that stimulates relationships, innovation and business growth.

5. Intelligent decision making
Using deep learning, insights and performance analytics.

6. Learning culture
A shared vision and an open dialogue will enhance creativity and innovation within individuals and teams. Together we will deliver, perform and make Axis grow in a sustainable way.