AXIS Q19 Thermal Camera Series

AXIS Q1961-TE Thermal Camera
Perimeter protection and temperature monitoring
  • High performance for perimeter protection
  • Powerful analytics capabilities
  • Optimal image contrast for video analytics
  • Models for temperature monitoring
  • Ease of installation and flexible integration

High-quality detection —without additional lighting

Ideal for perimeter protection, AXIS Q19 Thermal Cameras come with high performing video analytics. They use thermal imaging technology allowing users to detect humans, objects, and incidents regardless of light conditions. So, it’s possible to detect and track suspect activity before intrusion occurs and visually verify what’s going on before taking relevant action.


Knowing the temperature at any time

The series also includes thermometric cameras for remote temperature monitoring - ideal for improving operational efficiency and safety for example in power generating facilities, battery charging stations, waste management sites, or in areas with industrial processes where temperature monitoring is important. These cameras allow you to set up multiple polygonal detection areas and trigger a notification when the temperature reaches above or below a set threshold. Furthermore, they include visual aids, such as isothermal palettes and spot temperature capabilities. These aids support fast predictive analysis by indicating problem areas before the issue becomes visible to the human eye or before the machinery stops working.

Smooth and steady video

Electronic image stabilization (EIS) is designed to cover a wide range of frequencies, as well as cope with high and low amplitudes, even in scenes with lots of motion. When electronic image stabilization is activated, the vibrating effect in the video is reduced so you’re guaranteed a smoother and steadier image.


Under specific conditions, some Axis thermal cameras are capable of precise temperature measurements, but they’re not designed by Axis for the specific intention of human fever detection or the diagnosis, mitigation, or prevention of disease or health conditions.

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AXIS Q1941-E Thermal IP Camera mounted on wall from left AXIS Q1941-E AXIS Q1941-E PT Mount Thermal Network Camera offers wide thermal coverage with pan/tilt flexibility AXIS Q1941-E PT Mount AXIS Q1942-E Thermal IP Camera from left angle AXIS Q1942-E AXIS Q1942-E PT Mount offers high resolution thermal imaging. AXIS Q1942-E PT Mount AXIS Q1951-E Thermal Camera viewed from left AXIS Q1951-E AXIS Q1952-E Thermal Camera viewed from left AXIS Q1952-E AXIS Q1961-TE Thermal Camera AXIS Q1961-TE
Image sensor size 384x288 384x288 640x480 640x480 384x288 640x480 384x288
Two-way audio
Alarm inputs/outputs 2 2 1/1 1/1 1/1


  • Datasheet

    • AXIS Q1941-E PT Mount Thermal Network Camera
      (pdf) 538.25 KB
    • AXIS Q1941-E Thermal Network Camera
      (pdf) 503.46 KB
    • AXIS Q1942-E PT Mount Thermal Network Camera
      (pdf) 538.44 KB
    • AXIS Q1942-E Thermal Network Camera
      (pdf) 502.81 KB
    • AXIS Q1951-E Thermal Camera
      (pdf) 1022.67 KB
    • AXIS Q1952-E Thermal Camera
      (pdf) 1022.5 KB
    • AXIS Q1961-TE Thermal Camera
      (pdf) 1.34 MB
  • Manuals

    • AXIS P14 and Q19 Series - Repainting Instructions
      (pdf) 301.73 KB
    • AXIS Q19-E Installation Guide
      (pdf) 2.45 MB
    • AXIS Q19-E PT Mount - Installation Guide
      (pdf) 11.27 MB
    • AXIS Q1941-E - Nomographs to determine number of pixels at a given range in meter
      (pdf) 421.05 KB
    • AXIS Q1941-E - User Manual (prior to FW 7.20)
      (pdf) 1.11 MB
    • AXIS Q1941-E PT Mount - User Manual (FW prior to 7.20)
      (pdf) 1.13 MB
    • AXIS Q1942-E - Nomographs to determine number of pixels at a given range in meter
      (pdf) 480.09 KB
    • AXIS Q1942-E - User Manual (prior to FW 7.20)
      (pdf) 1.29 MB
    • AXIS Q1942-E PT Mount - User Manual (FW prior to 7.20)
      (pdf) 1.13 MB
    • AXIS Q1951/52-E Thermal Camera - Installation Guide
      (pdf) 4.57 MB
    • Installation Guide AXIS Q1961 TE Thermal Camera
      (pdf) 4.45 MB
  • Brochures

    • Brochure - Axis thermal cameras
      (pdf) 21.01 MB
    • Thermal technology glossary
      (pdf) 226.34 KB
  • Product comparison tables

    • Product Comparison Tables - Q2 2024
      (pdf) 9.97 MB
    • Product Comparison Tables APAC - Q3 2024
      (pdf) 12.09 MB
  • White papers

    • Thermal cameras
      (pdf) 552.92 KB
    • Thermometric cameras
      (pdf) 3.9 MB
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